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Andy Harrop – Structural problems


Hotel Mitland Utecht


Structural Problems


Structural Problems
1 maart 2024 12.00-18.30
2 maart 2024 10.00-17.00

Andy Harrop verzorgt deze 2-daagse een Kiiko Matsomoto weekend met als onderwerp “Structural Problems”.

Dit weekend wordt van januari ’24 verplaatst naar 1 & 2 maart’ 24 – structural problems
* dit weekend is alleen te volgens als je eerst de foundations hebt gevolgd of hier al bekend mee bent.

Structural imbalances frequently cause pain or discomfort and are one of the most commonly seen clinical problems.  They interfere with posture and movement and can cause the function of the internal organs to be compromised. Structural imbalances arise for a number of reasons. They can accumulate over time from poor posture, work or lifestyle habits.  They may result more immediately from injury, or an underlying energetic weakness or imbalance.

Subjects covered:
– Organ related structural problems
– Visceroptosis and Inguinal ligament syndrome
– Dai Mai imbalance
– Treatment to nourish the spine
– Energetic and anatomical correspondences of the back
– Specific treatments for the lumber spine
– Kidney deficiency and the quadratus lumborum
– Tail bone injury
– Treatment for sphenoid bone imbalance
– Treatment of the upper back, shoulders and neck

The course will be taught in a workshop style to provide the maximum opportunity to gain the practical experience essential to this unique style of acupuncture. There will be a presentation of the theory for each protocol, followed by demonstration and then supervised practical work. 

It is important that participants have attended the Foundation Course or have previous experience of this style in order to gain the maximum benefit from this course.

Kiiko Matsumoto style Japanese acupuncture is part of a traditional lineage that Kiiko has inherited from her own Masters and which she continues to develop. Kiiko has spent many years researching Classical Chinese sources and has formed this knowledge into a system of unique and highly effective treatment protocols.

This Foundation Course is taught by Andy Harrop who is the most experienced teacher and practitioner of this style in the Europe.  He has been studying with Kiiko Matsumoto since 1990. He has been teaching for  the TCMA postgraduate course since 2007.

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