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Tuïna 3-daagse met Sarah Pritchard


Hotel Mitland in Utrecht


€ 450

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30 deelnemers

Tuïna 3-daagse
21 april 2023
22 april 2023
23 april 2023

3-daagse Tuïna workshop voor acupuncturisten met Sarah Pritchard; menopauze!

De vorige workshop met Sarah Pritchard werd druk bezocht en is met veel enthousiasme ontvangen.
Dit keer heeft de workshop als onderwerp de menopauze, een onderwerp waar nogal eens een taboe op heerst, terwijl het juist een krachtig overgangsritueel kan zijn. Hieronder het complete programma van de 3-daagse workshop.

Supporting Women through the Menopause as a Fundamental Doorway of Life.

An integrated approach using Tui na, acupuncture & moxibustion.

Still somewhat a taboo subject, the menopause is a powerful rite of passage for women and holds the potential for profound spiritual development. As practitioners, how can we best support and enable women to have a positive experience into and through the menopause as a fundamental doorway of life? How can we provide the nurturing space for women to feel, process, surrender, and reclaim their power?

In this two day practical workshop for acupuncturists, we will:

  • Explore the role of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians, with a special focus on the Wei Mai vessels, the vessels of ageing which represent the 7 & 8 year cycles of time.
  • Learn powerful routines for working on the Yin and Yang Wei Mai; experience these deep vessels tangibly in your body and bring them to life in your hands.
  • Learn a simple and effective Yin style Tui na routine for nourishing, calming, centring and slowing Qi down to support the Yuan Qi, Nourish Kidneys and calm the Shen.
  • Experience alternative methods for accessing Qi and stimulating points.
  • Improve your needling techniques and sensitivity and bring greater connection and presence to your needling.
  • Improve palpation skills, bodywork confidence and be reminded of the power of therapeutic touch.

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